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We Strive For The Best Customer Satisfaction


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We are a full service shop and offer the following service packages. Always call before you haul

Street Bike Service Package

We check, change, or adjust the following:

  • Front brake fluid

  • Rear brake fluid

  • Front brake pads

  • Rear brake pads

  • Front brake lever adjusted

  • Rear brake lever adjusted

  • Throttle free play

  • Clutch free play

  • Front suspension

  • Release air pressure from forks

  • Fork seals

  • Rear suspension

  • Front spokes

  • Rear spokes

  • Clean, lube, adjust chain

  • Chain condition

  • Check master link

  • Sprockets condition

  • Clean air filter

  • Carbs

  • Set idle

  • Spark plugs

  • Valve clearance

  • Oil level

  • Change oil filter

  • Electrical

  • Charging system

  • Load test battery

  • Tire pressure

  • Drive belt tension

  • Shaft drive oil

  • Compression

  • Coolant

  • Coolant fan operation

  • Lube side stand

  • Lube/grease shift linkage

  • Lube/grease rear brake pivot

  • Lube/grease front brake pivot

  • Lube/grease clutch lever pivot

  • Front and rear wheel bearings

  • Steering head bearings

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